Ready to Get Ethical?

Have you ever considered the differences between right and wrong? Have you every weighed your values?  Have you every wondered what was morally or ethically justified? Well, ethics club discusses all of these questions and so much more.

The Ethics Club gathers usually twice a month. Current events and different topics are discussed, and the moral justification of specific actions is debated.

The club appeals to all different types of personalities, hobbies, and interests, as topics are derived from a variety of subjects, such as sports, politics, school, and country headlines. Members are encouraged to share topics, hoping to elevate the types of ideas exchanged.

The club continues to grow quickly. Presently there are about thirty members, but the club is looking for more girls for a different perspective.

Presidents Brian Horn and Andrew Kovner, two seniors who bring much passion and enthusiasm, head the club.

You need ethics, and Ethics Club needs you! Come join the fun!