Updates and Scores Made Easy with the PHHS App

Improvements in technology are occurring constantly, especially at Pascack Hills. We use technology every day during class. We’re utilizing laptops, reading the Trailblazer online, and very recently, checking athletic updates on our smart phones.  The Pascack Hills App makes this last part possible.

Within seconds, any student, parent, teacher, friend, family member or smart phone user can download the app and connect with the Pascack Hills community. This app applies voiced in updates about upcoming events and sporting events happening at our school.

It all started a year or two ago when a former Pascack Hills student decided that he wanted to give back to our wonderful high school. Assisted by some of our own students, a PHHS alum, Cornell graduate and software developer, created this app. Seniors Jake Greenstein and Max Llewelleyn were involved in designing the app, along with many other students who all helped to organize different stations and promote it to the school.

Note: Jake Greenstein recently told me that Nick Rizzo’s station on soccer is one of the funniest things he’s ever heard and to definitely check it out.