Spirit Week

Hills pride has been buzzing through the hallways, bouncing from email to email, and seen across the student body’s face since the beginning of this school year. It was even more prevalent this past ‘Spirit Week’ as students competed for the Hills Cup by representing their grades with their school spirit. We dressed down for Comfy Day, got funky on Decades Day, sported national colors on America Day, shot cupids arrows for Valentines Day, and polished off the week as we cheered on each of our classes during the color war. Red, purple, blue, and green outfits swarmed the gymnasium as sweat dripped, cheers were sung, and victory was won. The most recent Hills Cup scores along with that of Spirit Week are as follows:

  Comfy Day Decades Day America Day Valentine’s Day Color War Hills Cup Totals
Freshmen 20 330 20 20 30 220
Sophomores 30 20 30 40 20 225
Juniors 50 40 50 50 50 530
Seniors 40 50 40 30 40 420

With many events ahead of us, only time will tell who will win the 2012-2013 Hills Cup. This school year has shown Pascack Hills that despite each grades differences, beneath the class colors, we all have Hills pride, we are one school, one community, and we all wear brown and orange.