College Corner: Ithaca College

Set on top of a hill, looking over the majestic Lake Cayuga and neighbors with Cornell University, sits Ithaca College. Not only does Ithaca College have this beautiful view, but the campus itself is a view all in itself! Though Ithaca, New York does have wacky lake weather, IC’s academic buildings are all connected by glass hallways, so when going to class, the students do not need to face the bitter cold. All of the buildings are covered in windows, always letting sunlight in, and one building even has a garden growing on its roof.

Ithaca is very creatively built school, and likewise, their programs are very creative. For example, while some schools have a general marketing major in their school of management, Ithaca has two marketing majors: one that is math-oriented (Integrated Marketing Communications), and one that is more arts-oriented (Communication Management and Design). Ithaca’s unique programs are what set it apart from its competing liberal arts schools. Nevertheless, Ithaca does offer many common majors.

With a study body between 5,000 and 6,000, there are plenty of clubs, activities, and sports (whether it is Division III, club, or intramural). Also, Cornell students are social with Ithaca’s students in several ways. Ithaca students are allowed to take classes at Cornell, both schools have the village of Ithaca at the foot of their separate hills, and schools events often include its neighboring school.

Even if you are looking into a generic major that most schools have, Ithaca’s great location (just one hour from two cities, Syracuse and Binghamton) and fantastic atmosphere are great points. And of course, if you’re looking for a school with a unique setting and a unique set of programs, Ithaca College is definitely worth looking into.