College Corner: University of Massachusetts—Amherst

Situated in the small town of Amherst, Massachusetts, The University of Massachusetts—Amherst has a beautiful, large campus spreading across about 1,450-acres.  The campus has a total of 21,928 undergraduate students.  The university offers a variety of majors and minors that are accommodating to each individual student and their interests.  Most likely whatever major students are interested in, UMass has that major.  The campus may seem intimidating at first, but with the beautiful architecture and layout of the campus, you quickly learn your way around.  Also, wherever you need to go is always easily accessible with the shuttle that runs all through the campus, the buses that go into the town of Amherst every fifteen minutes, and the Peter Pan buses that run to major cities like Boston and New York City.

UMass Amherst also has numerous clubs, activities, and sports that you can participate in.  The sports are made up of Division I level teams, club, and intramural events.  Also, if you are worried about finding a job, at UMass you can always find a job whether in the library or in the dining halls.  As a freshman, students are required to live on campus in either a single or double room, but as a sophomore, junior, or senior they have the option of off-campus housing, or on-campus housing, which include apartments and dorms.

The library, holding over six million books, is a fantastic place to study, as well as the many other places on campus that offer quiet areas for diving into your homework.  UMass also has a beautiful fine arts center that has theatres and galleries that are fun and exciting to go to see a traveling show or guest speaker.  UMass has had performers in the past such as Maroon 5 and Bob Dylan come and wow the students with amazing concerts.

With delicious food, UMass Amherst is ranked in the top ten of the best colleges for food in America.  Offering many different options, you never get tired of eating at UMass, but just have to make sure that after eating, you go and exercise in the beautiful exercise facilities.  They offer, not only machines for basic exercise, but classes that you can take all week long.

UMass is the type of school that students go to and stay through all semesters.  There is always something going on, so it is extremely hard to be bored there.  With strong academics, sports, and activities to participate in, UMass has something to offer everyone.  So, if you do not mind the larger campus feel with many students surrounding you, then UMass may be you’re perfect university.