We are all buying costumes. Parents are stocking up on tons of candy. Coffee shop owners are posting pumpkin spice latte ads in the windows. Children are on massive sugar-rushes from all of the sweets. The “extra festive” individuals are putting up decorations in their front yard.

Yes, it is that time again. Happy Halloween! Even though the costumes and the decorations play a huge role on the 31st, the holiday simply would not be the same without the food. It’s the one time a year where it’s acceptable to eat three caramel apples, fistfuls of candy corn, or two entire packs of gummy bears.

Pumpkin flavors overtake both ends of the food spectrum each October. There are pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin breads, toasted pumpkin seeds, and even pumpkin M&Ms.

And of course, most of these festive foods are among the “limited edition” category, a label that cons hundreds of thousands of buyers all over the globe into buying way too much.

Now we aren’t all so easy to trick into buying excessive amounts of food, right? No, of course not, we’re just doing it because we love the themed snacks. Without food on Halloween, how would anyone trick-or-treat?

The answer is no one would. The phrase “trick-or-treat” itself would be non-existent. This is why all of the snacks, candies, and desserts are vital in perpetuating the holiday spirit!

Don’t miss out. Join in the Halloween fun, too. Eat one of the pumpkin flavored, limited-edition items, or simply buy some candy bars. After all, Halloween only comes once a year!

And seriously, do not feel guilty about your “overindulgence,” because we’ll be eating the holiday away together.