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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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    Regarding “Junior Year: Key to Success or Key to Failure?” (Page 6, Issue 2)

    Hello, I am a senior responding to Ginny Lee’s article, “Junior Year—Key to Success or Key to Failure.”

    As someone who has been through junior year and lived to tell the tale, I had a few more things for all of the stressed out juniors to think about.

    First of all, Ginny is absolutely right when she says you need to keep up your grades—but that does not mean you should drive yourself insane.

    With all the college stress, it seems that one C on a test could ruin your entire future. Relax, remember that colleges only see your final grade and that there is a college somewhere who will accept you.

    I also agree that time management is the key (something I struggle with) but I found that what really helps with time management is efficient study habits. Do not pull an all-nighter studying for test.

    If you are someone who cannot focus (like me) try to form a study group for your hardest classes, because I certainly doubt I would have passed any class without Amanda Tosi keeping me on track for tests.

    Also, if you find your normal work methods are not working, try changing it up. I found last year that I work much more efficiently in the mornings rather than at night, rather than work till 12, I would go to bed at 10 and wake up at 5.

    Also do not expect that senior year will be a breeze, because the first semester is terrible and the work doesn’t completely stop once you get into college—you still have to keep your grades up.

    Overall, remember to relax, take a mental health day when you need it, do not procrastinate, and remember that everyone gets through it. You’re halfway there!


    Melanie Lerch, Pascack Hills senior


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