Letter to the Editor

Hello, I am senior responding to Sarah Kim’s article, “Scheduling For Next Year.”

Choosing a schedule for your next year in high school is both stressful and exciting because its shows that you survived another year of high school.

One the most important classes in your schedule is English, especially since it is the only academic class students are required to take all four years in high school. This makes choosing which English class you want to take all the more important. As Sarah explained, there are many options available to students regarding which English class they choose to take next year. Students should pay particular attention to the Literature of the Holocaust course considering it is not being offered as a full-year course. If I could take one more class senior year, it would have been that course because of all the positive comments I have heard about the course and, of course, about Mrs. Lutz as well.

The AP English courses are ideal for more ambitious students. For upcoming juniors, I would recommend taking AP Language and Compositions because it helps prepare the students for the SATs.

My best advice would be to talk to upperclassmen and get their opinions about the classes they are currently taking. Overall, the students should take advantage of all entire English courses available at PHHS.

As Sarah stated, “Happy Scheduling!”