5 Things to be Happy About

5 Things to be Happy About

It’s easy to get stressed and upset when you’re a busy high school student. Drowning in homework, maintaining a good sleep schedule, dealing with clubs and sports, and keeping up with your friend group can be a little overwhelming sometimes. In hopes of cheering up and de-stressing, here are five things to be happy about.

1. Basketball season is quickly approaching and you know what that means: crowded bleachers, school spirit, and rowdy Cowboy crazies! Basketball games are definitely one of the best parts of Pascack Hills, so don’t miss out! It’s the perfect time to hang out with friends, cheer for your school, and show some serious Hills Pride.

2. Color War should make you happy! Every pep rally, wear your grade’s color so you can earn Hills Points for your class. There is no better feeling than getting decked out in face paint, beads, and bandanas to support your grade. Beating the upperclassmen wouldn’t be such a bad feeling either!

3. The Pascack Hills preschool students are the cutest kids around! Whether you are a part of the Family Living elective or not, seeing the preschoolers running up and down the high school halls must make your heart melt. Don’t be shy; go up to one of the little kids and say hello, and maybe if you’re lucky, you will even get a high five!

4. Food Instagrams are the best Instagrams. Secretly scrolling through your Instagram in the middle of Geometry class right before lunch? We’ve all been there. A post by @newforkcity can immediately make anyone’s day. Check what restaurant the picture was taken at, and make plans with your friends to have lunch there next weekend! From then on, those plans will be all you are looking forward to, and the thought of eating delicious food will definitely help you get through the rest of the week.

5. Getting a good grade on something you didn’t even study for has to fall into the category of the top 10 best feelings ever. It seriously is the greatest surprise when you turn over your physics test, expecting to see that you failed, but instead seeing that it is actually one of the best grades you’ve gotten all year! You sit at your desk in complete shock, but don’t question it! It’s obvious that the Study Gods saved you this time.