Feature Teacher: Ms. Gaeta


Ms. Gaeta can’t imagine doing anything but teaching. She says that she has tried to picture herself in other careers, but nothing seems to make sense. It’s always been that way for her.

You may see Ms. Gaeta in the hallway with her always-fashionable outfits and a smile on her face. She has always been the same since she was little. “I pretty much haven’t changed. I’m the same now as I was back in the day,” she said while talking about her youth. In high school, she was interested in cheerleading, dance, and just hanging out with her friends. While she was in school, Ms. Gaeta never got in trouble and was always doing the right thing. Its not surprising that she was a cheerleader, because she became a cheerleading coach. She was a coach for 7 years. Juniors and seniors of Pascack Hills know that she was one of the leaders behind the PHHS Cheerleading Team, but has stopped coaching since.

Growing up, Ms. Gaeta always had a strong interest in math, and grew up in a family of teachers. Her father, mother, aunt, and uncle, were all teachers for years, but she never thought she was going to be a teacher until later in life. In college, she started majoring in accounting, then business. Her sophomore year in college, she realized that there was nowhere she would rather be than in a classroom. She switched to a math major and enrolled in the education program at Sacred Heart University.

Pascack Hills can all agree that Ms. Gaeta is a great Geometry teacher. There is a rumor that she is in a bad mood when her hair is up, but Ms. Gaeta can deny that rumor. For the graduating class of 2015, she would like to say “Follow what you want, not what someone else wants. Don’t live your life thinking it has to go one way or the other. Just enjoy the ride and learn from the mistakes you make that will bring you where you belong.”