More Bang for your Starbuck


Starbucks in Hillsdale, NJ. Photo by Olivia Lein

Believe it or not, everyone’s favorite coffee franchise has just changed for the better. Starbucks introduced their new rewards program this week, and it’s a total game changer. With hundreds of locations and millions of customers, this new and improved program certainly affects many. The initiative of the new Starbucks Rewards is, “More stars. More things to love.” So, what has really changed?

For starters, each $1 spent now earns two “stars,” which are the company’s variation of points. Previously, only one star was rewarded for each visit to a Starbucks location. Also, it now takes 300 stars to reach the “Gold” level, the highest status for customers. This is a drastic change, as the old program only required 30 stars to obtain the “Gold” level standing.

In addition, 125 stars are now needed for a complementary food or drink award for “Gold” level Starbucks drinkers, as opposed to the 12 stars from the past.  Finally, “Monthly Double Star Days” grant Starbucks users four stars for every $1 spent.

Junior Jackson Cianciulli said, “This new change is more beneficial to the customer, for the average teenager could spend close to $5, sometimes more, per visit. So the more money they spend, the more rewards they get in return.”

If you aren’t already part of the network, joining is very easy. Register a Starbucks card either online or in the app, and use this card to accumulate stars when you visit.

Sign up here:

Remember to tell your friends about the new Starbucks Rewards, as spreading the word and referring people to the program is another way you can amp up your total stars.