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Movies to get you in the holiday spirit

As the world begins to illuminate with Christmas lights and the delicious Starbucks holiday drinks make their comeback, here is a list of movies to get you into the holiday spirit!
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With the “spooky season” long gone, a much anticipated time of year is on the horizon: it’s the holiday season! For some, the highlight of the holidays would be putting up decorations or unwrapping presents. Yet, to others, the mere joy of spending time with family and friends to enjoy a winter movie beats all. 

As the world begins to illuminate with Christmas lights and the delicious Starbucks holiday drinks make their comeback, here is a list of movies to get you into the holiday spirit!

“Die Hard” (1988)

Looking for a movie that is action-packed and entertaining but still embodies that Christmas ambiance? Then “Die Hard” may just be it. After a New York Police Officer (NYPD) plans to reunite with his estranged wife during a Christmas party in Los Angeles, his mission takes an unexpected course when the building is taken over by terrorists. With poor help from the Las Angeles Police Department, John McClane takes on his opponents to save his wife and Christmas. While there may be debate on whether “Die Hard” qualifies as a Christmas movie, one thing is true: it is destined to get you on the edge of your seat. 

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“Love Actually” (2003)

On the hunt for a romantic comedy? “Love Actually,” a movie set in London, tells the tale of eight different couples with interconnecting lives. A month before Christmas, the lovers go through trials and overcome difficulties in search of their happy endings. One critic on Rotten Tomatoes said, “It is not only the best romantic comedy in quite a long time, it is every romantic comedy in quite a long time, baked into a melange and made gargantuan. I left smiling like a huge imbecile.” This romance-comedy can be found on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

“Home Alone” (1990)

Directed by the prized filmmaker Chris Columbus, “Home Alone” is a holiday family favorite! After Kevin McCallister is accidentally left “home alone” when his family leaves for vacation in France, the eight-year-old is forced to fend for himself. Upon encountering two burglars trying to rob his Chicago neighborhood, Kevin bravely protects his house through hilarious pranks and tactics. “Home Alone stars actors like Macaulay Culkin, Catherine O’Hara, and Joe Pesci.


“A Charlie Brown Christmas” (1965)

“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” said Charlie Brown. Thinking about a cartoon? The ultimate holiday classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is the perfect mix of comedy, the holiday feeling, and nostalgia. This 30-minute special follows Charlie Brown, a young boy who is troubled by the over-commercialization of Christmas. The timeless cartoon showcases Charlie’s path to discovering what the Christmas season is truly about as he directs a neighborhood play with his friends. Despite being an older movie, this film is still just as enjoyable 57 years later, filled with bliss, delight, and festivity. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is one to be watched over and over. 


“Elf” (2003)

A Christmas classic, the movie “Elf” stars Will Ferrel as Buddy, a human raised by Santa Claus, who lives among elves at the North Pole. When news strikes that he is human and not in fact a giant-sized elf, Buddy journeys to New York City in search of his biological father for answers. A funny and heart-warming comedy, “Elf” is sure to put anyone in the holiday mood.

“Miracle” (2004)

The movie “Miracle” tells the true story of Herb Brooks, a player turned coach, who is given a second chance at achieving his ultimate dream: to win the Ice Hockey Olympic Games. In the movie, Brooks meets an undisciplined group of 26 boys and uses unorthodox methods to coach them to be one of the greatest teams ever. This sports film captures one of the most inspiring moments in sports history, when the 1980 United States hockey team won a triumphant victory against the Soviet Union. A perfect holiday-esque watch for anyone into sports and competition. 

“Frozen” (2013)

One of the most adored Disney films of all time, “Frozen” could not be any more about the winter season. After Queen Elsa accidentally uses her powers to create an eternal winter, her sister, Anna, joined by a mountain man and his reindeer sidekick, journeys to break the spell and save their kingdom. Coupled with memorable sing-alongs and stunning visuals, this audience favorite is sure to get you holiday-ready.

While this is a list of just a few of the endless amounts of movies available, check one out during this year’s holiday season! As 2023 is slowly but surely coming to a close, end the year on a high note by enjoying a holiday movie with your family and friends.


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