U’D Love it at UDel


Contrary to popular belief, Delaware isn’t a 2,500 square mile barren wasteland. The Diamond State has several small shops, amazing restaurants, and spectacular beaches. Citizens even say their cheesesteaks give Philadelphia a run for their money. On top of all of this, Delaware is also home to one of the most popular universities for Pascack Hills students, the University of Delaware, commonly abbreviated to UD or UDel.

On Campus Housing Just a short two and a half hour drive away, the University of Delaware, a medium-sized school set upon 2000+ acres in Newark, DE, is perfect for students who wish to stay moderately local but also want to spread their wings. Freshmen are required to live on campus and typically share a room with one or two other roommates chosen based on mutual interests — so don’t be too worried about having a creepy roommate or one that you have nothing in common with. There are nine residence halls for first-year students, including Caesar Rodney Hall, a beautiful, recently built complex with a dining hall that believes in using only the freshest ingredients around, many of which come from local farms.

Tuition & Academics A huge bonus for both students and parents is that it’s absolutely worth it. Tuition runs at less than $30,000 a year and with an acceptance rate of 63%, UD is significantly easier to get into than other state universities in the local area, such as University of Maryland and the University of Virginia. However, don’t let the high acceptance rate fool you. The University of Delaware is a school that prides itself on its industrious students.

The University of Delaware has world-renowned programs for business and education. UD also has an excellent honors program where selected students participate in more rigorous academics than the majority of students. Although you may spend a couple extra hours at the library than the typical student, honors students not only receive better housing options, but also have a little boost on their resumes when applying to jobs or graduate schools.

Location, Location, Location! If you’re looking for a campus that you will never need to leave, UD is just for you. A popular destination for students is Main Street, across the street from the center of campus. Here at Main Street, you’ll find everything a college student would need: a modern gym (free for students), a CVS, cafés, off-campus apartments, several shops, and what would college be without an Insomnia Cookies next door? UD also has its own homemade ice cream store near Delaware Stadium with original flavors made from local cows.

If Downtown Newark isn’t your thing, that’s not a problem, as Delaware is in close proximity to several big cities. The University of Delaware is within a two hour drive of Washington D.C., approximately an hour away from Baltimore, and less than 45 minutes from the bustling streets of Philadelphia. On or off campus, there’s ALWAYS something to do.

School Pride UD is extremely well known for the amount of spirit students have for their school. Whether they’re watching the Fightin’ Blue Hens score a touchdown or spending the night in Newark with friends, students will frequently be sporting blue and gold in honor of the school’s colors.

Don’t believe me? Take it from a Blue Hen herself. When I toured the campus, I got a chance to catch up with a good friend of mine, Sara Biddle, a PHHS Class of 2014 graduate who is currently in her second year as a Blue Hen. “Coming to this school,” Sara says, “was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve grown so much and made great friends and memories.” Students at Delaware seem to be genuinely happy and highlight the beautiful campus and close-knit community despite the fairly large size as some of the attributing factors to their love for their school. But again, don’t take my word for it. Set up a tour and see if you could see yourself in this beautiful school. Go Blue Hens!