All about the Paterson School Supply Drive

All about the Paterson School Supply Drive

Until Friday June 3, school supplies were collected in boxes at located in select classrooms at PHHS. School supplies– notebooks, dry-erase markers, crayons, scissors, folders, and more–were donated by individuals at Pascack Hills and donated to schools in Paterson.

        Mrs. Heather Lutz and Mrs. Kaitlyn Mahaffey run the well-known service club at Pascack Hills known as Project Paterson. The two have been working together for eight years, in hopes of to giving back to those in need in Paterson They have organized toy drives, school supply drives, and more.

        Lutz, who teaches English and Literature of the Holocaust at Pascack Hills, speaks about the school supply drive in Paterson. Mrs. Lutz expresses the importance of participating in this school supply drive.

Lutz said,” I think it is so important to give back to all, especially those who are less fortunate. I know how expensive it is to supply kids with the necessary materials to start off the year right, and it is a privilege to try and ease the burden off of these families who can’t provide all of that for their kids.”

Lutz speaks about Mrs. Mahaffey’s dedication to Project Paterson, where she puts in an abundance of effort for school supplies drive. Mrs. Mahaffey has created a wonderful relationship with the Community Charter School of Paterson and the NJCDC.

“I attribute so much of the success of Project Paterson to Mrs. Mahaffey’s unwavering commitment and to the generosity of the Pascack Hills community.”

        Also, Mrs. Mahaffey, who is a psychology and history teacher at Hills, speaks passionately  about her position as a leader of the Project Paterson club. Mahaffey said, “Project Paterson was something that fell into my lap when I came here. I partnered up with Mrs. Lutz, and the first few times I visited the school, it was something I really loved doing because I loved helping these kids, and I knew they appreciated the help we provide.”

        As being a leader of Project Paterson, Mahaffey has dedicated a lot of her time and effort into the school supply drive. “I have been doing Project Paterson for eight years, and we have done school supply drive for five years. Last year we filled up seventeen boxes of school supplies, and I made goody bags for the teachers at the Community Charter School of Paterson.”

        Mahaffey also said, “We collect supplies in May and June for them to be delivered in September. The teachers in Paterson at the school feel incredibly lucky for our partnership because without our donations they wouldn’t have much.”

        All in all, Mahaffey said, “The kids are so excited just to receive a mechanical pencil or a colored eraser, and they think it is the greatest thing in the world.”

        Mrs. Mahaffey and Mrs. Lutz have shared the importance to help those in need to other individuals at PHHS, which makes the Project Paterson grow and flourish every year.

Be sure to stay tuned for the results of the school supply drive!