New Section: Letters to the Editor!

The Trailblazer staff is proud and thrilled to introduce a new section of our school newspaper: The Letters to the Editor section!

The Letters to the Editor section will feature one to two letters from anyone who wants to respond to a previously published Trailblazer article…Pascack Hills students, faculty members, guidance counselors, administrators, and anyone else in the Pascack Hills community who would like to express their opinions on an article. See the specific guidelines regarding how to submit your letter to the editor printed below.

Our intention in starting this new section is to allow everyone in the Pascack Hills community to be more involved in our school newspaper and for Trailblazer staff writers to read responses to their articles. So, if you want to comment on a previous Trailblazer article or to pose a question for a writer to respond to with an article, don’t hesitate to submit a letter to the editor today!


Letters to the Editor Guidelines:

  • Aim for no more than 200-300 words.
  • It must have a starting point/focus of an already-published article (from a previous issue).
    • Clearly state to which article you are addressing
  • Anonymous letters and letters written under pseudonyms will not be considered.
  • Letters are edited for grammar/syntax; revisions will be suggested to the writer if necessary.
  • Space is limited and we can’t guarantee that every letter will be published/printed.
  • You will be notified via email before the letter is published/printed.
  • Letters must be school appropriate.