The Trailblazer

Editor-in-Chief. Olivia Bulzomi is a senior at Pascack Hills High School. As Editor-in-Chief, she is ecstatic to be working with so many people who share her interests in being creative, writing, and learning new things. In addition to The Trailblazer, Olivia also actively participates in the Student Government Association as Senior Class President, Echoes Literary Magazine, Theater, National Honor Society, Italian National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and Human Rights Club. She is an Ambassador in Girl Scouts and is currently working towards completing her Gold Award. For fun, she enjoys roaming around strange (or familiar, she's not picky) cities, singing rather loudly, and reading sensational novels. Olivia is most passionate about human rights issues, and aspires to one day help develop a more just, comfortable world. Her number one hero is Malala Yousafzai because she reminds Olivia that anybody, if they have courage, has the power to change the world. She can usually be found in the library reading The New York Times on her laptop, or trying to finish her homework.