Time To Play Ball!


The time has finally come. It is officially baseball season for the Cowboys of Pascack Hills. The thrill of home runs, strikeouts, and intense plays at home plate is what keeps people attracted to the game. The Cowboys are looking to create a thrilling and winning environment at the games. When Coach Kirkby was asked how to attract a larger student crowd to the games he commented, “We were planning on installing a stereo system to make it more fan-friendly but unfortunately we couldn’t because of the bad winter. That will have to wait until next year.” Jokingly, he added, “I guess having Jake Chiavelli bobble head giveaways will have to be our only way to attract more people.” Coach Kirkby plans to continue to motivate the team even if they lose, because he knows that the state tournament can be anyone’s game. Kirkby elaborates, “A goal I always have is to make the state tournament. We lost a lot of seniors and key contributors from last year, but we have 3 returning players who are 3-year starters (Senior Tyler Messinger, Senior Danny Miller, and Junior Jake Chiavelli) so I hope they can help a lot of the young guys mesh together and play like a team.” Although the team is relatively young and inexperienced to varsity baseball, Coach Kirkby is proud of the attitudes shown by his team day in and day out. One difference from last year’s to this year’s team, Coach Kirkby acknowledged, is the pitching staff: “This team is different mostly on the mound.  The past four years we have had that go-to pitcher or two that we knew could shut down the opposition.  This year we have a lot of arms but most are inexperienced so we will have to mature very quickly as a pitching staff.” The Cowboys are looking to do some damage in a very tough league and hopefully around states, they will be ready to play some ball.