PVRHSD Security Guards Armed


Pictured: Matt Miller, a PHHS Security officer. Photo by Sophie Miller

Kyle Hammalian, Current Events Editor

On Monday, The Board of Education took the final step in arming the four Pascack Valley Regional High School District (PVRHSD) School Security Officers, approving a proposed Policy 7446 that was introduced in September. Starting Tuesday, school security personnel will be carrying visible firearms.

Prior to the Board’s vote, input was heard and considered from local law enforcement, security and risk consultants, parents, students, staff, and other school districts with similar policies. School Security Officers will be carrying a .40 caliber handgun in a triple-threat locking, secured hip holster, comparable to those used by local police departments. The proposed policy also permits the District’s security guards to carry a limited amount of pepper spray and a pair of handcuffs.

PVRHSD is not the first district in the area to employ and arm retired local law enforcement, following a trend of school districts to arm security personnel due to acts of violence, particularly in schools, taking place across the country. Arming School Security Officers, the district says, gives them the capability to respond to and mitigate any threat to students or staff on PVRHSD grounds. The District encourages concerned or curious students to take the time to speak to the security guards, who are long-time, retired career police officers, or any of the administrative staff.