College Corner: Cornell University

Cornell University is an Ivy League School located in rural Ithaca, New York. The university is spread out over a large campus, which includes seven undergraduate colleges and schools along with seven graduate programs. The University is home to 14,000 undergraduate students and 7,000 graduate students from all 50 states and 122 countries, as well as an equal percentage of menand women. Cornell is an amazing school with highly motivated and competitive students, and a great place to meet the kind of friends you’ll have for life.

If a student is interested in a career in hospitality, for example, they should look no further. Cornell University has the biggest and best hospitality school in the country. The school even has a hotel on campus with full-time employees as well as students from the School of Hotel Administration working there.  These hospitality students can work the front desk, as bellhops, and even in the restaurant—the options are plentiful. Cornell University has strong connections through alumni that enable students to landinternships in various companies, from major hotel chains to well-known banks, both over the summer and after graduation.

Walking around Cornell, it is clear that it is a lively campus. From the Greek system to Collegetown, there are numerous activities for students to engage in. Parties held by sororities and fraternities allow students to have fun together. Students also have the ability to take a bus or cab into Collegetown, where they can shop or hang out in cafés and pubs.

Cornell University may not be for everyone. While the school is in a rural location, there is plenty of natural beauty in the area. The weather at Cornell is not always the best, and winters can be extremely cold, windy, and snowy. If a student is looking for a challenging school with engaging professors and long-lasting friendships, they should look no further. Cornell is the right school for them.