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    What U Need to Know About Uber


    Uber, a multi-service taxi company that is continually expanding across the nation, has grown to be one of the most popular systems of transportation for teenagers, adults, and senior citizens.

    This form of transportation simply requires a credit card in your personal account on the Uber app, and one simple tap that will prompt the arrival of your vehicle instantly at any requested location.

    Many love Uber because you do not have to make a reservation for your car, and it can be waiting for you at any hour of the day. Although Uber may seem effortless and luxurious, many forget to think about the stranger behind the wheel.

    These people may be your friend’s parents, teachers, students, friends, neighbors, but for all you know, one may be a criminal. The information that an Uber driver fills out in their background check may be extremely inaccurate and false.

    On Saturday, February 16th in Kalamazoo, Michigan, an Uber driver performed a random shooting spree that killed six individuals. This story describes the prevalent issue of Uber safety because it reminds us that individuals are getting into a car with a random driver who potentially may have awful intentions.

    This problem is extremely relevant, as many teenagers at Pascack Hills and high schools all over the world use Uber as a form of transportation very often on weekend nights.

    When sophomore Ali Mickiewicz was asked about her thoughts on riding in an Uber vehicle, she said, “Uber can be a good source of getting around, but it can also be unreliable and at the end of the day you also do not know who is sitting behind the wheel.”

    It is extremely important to take precautions before you get into the Uber vehicle. One tip you should follow before getting into the Uber is to ask the driver whom they are picking up. If the person behind the wheel is your designated Uber driver, then he or she will have your contact information and name from the information that the app provides.

    Also, on the window of the car, you should look for the Uber sign. Then, you should ask the Uber driver for his or her name. You should be sure to make sure that the name of the driver given to you on the app corresponds to the name that the Uber driver gives you when asking.

    In addition, an Uber driver who does not follow the Uber conduct should be reported. If any Uber driver charges you money, you should report this because each Uber ride is supposed to be cashless. So, report honestly.

    Ultimately, it is evident that riding in an Uber vehicle is an easy and effortless ride, but it is necessary to take safety precautions before you enter the vehicle. As many high school students, in addition to adults, use Uber as a form of transportation, it is essential that the world is aware of the risks they are taking with Uber.

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