Pascack Hills’ Newsstand: The New Place to Pick Up the Trailblazer


Pascack Hills is happy to welcome its brand new newsstand. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Ostrowski’s and Mr. Dinkey’s classes, the Hills lobby is now home to The Trailblazer newsstand. Our newsstand is a proud symbol of the newspaper going back to print.

Last year the newspaper experimented with publishing a solely online version of The Trailblazer. Having the online portion is a great way to continually update our readers. However, the online-only paper caused The Trailblazer to lose a fair amount of readership as well as its internal structure.

The print revival has given Trailblazer staff something to look forward to: their names in print! It is also serves as a beacon for students, directing them to the place where they can get the scoop about the Track team or find their friends modeling winter fashion.

A newspaper is designed around its readers and by placing a newsstand in the lobby where everyone has tangible access the paper; we hope to better connect our readers to the news.