Soccer skills

Throughout the soccer season there were two sophomores that had great seasons. No other kids in the program made the second team for the league except for John Hoppe, and Kai Hamazaki. John Hoppe was only 2 votes away from becoming first team all league.

“I could not have done it without clarkstown and practicing outside of the highschool team, focusing on my slide tackles and my strength” John Hoppe said. 

This shows the passion and determination that goes into being at the top in the league. It does not come naturally but with many hours of practice.

“The more time I spent on my touch and control the quicker my game started to improve. Working on my shooting and passing.” Kai Hamazaki explained.

There is a lot of work required during days off to sharpen your skills, this is what it takes to be honored in such a way.

“This season I got really comfortable and started playing like myself early on, this helped me be composed throughout the season.” Hoppe said.

As John explained, the quicker you get in your comfort zone, the easier it is to play and adapt to different challenges while in game. 

“After learning the players characters and skill around me it became very easy to be in the middle and play through the outsides.” Hamazaki said.

When playing for a team it helps to get to know who you are playing with so you can be a threat and understand what you can do out on the field to make things happen. 

Who will be the threat next season? Only time will tell.